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OMG, Firaxis Games (yes, Sid Meier, one of the greatest game developers evar) is doing XCOM, one of the best games evar. And to be released in 2012! Plus that other first-person shooter XCOM game! So excited!
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In our front yard we have a sidewalk. Between the sidewalk and the road was a few feet that was planted with assorted plants as a "rain garden", as it was called by the city, to channel water away from the road. It looked pretty nice and gave the area a bit of a "wild", untamed feeling.

A few weeks ago they dug up all the plants and have since replaced it with turf. I'm annoyed because they didn't consult anyone about it or warn anyone of the change and because grass is much less interesting (plus they better not expect me to mow it as I think it is on city land).

I called the city to find out WTF. Parks and Rec were very helpful in redirecting me to a person with answers.

Apparently, the contractor that brought in the soil provided soil that was rife with weeds, which overgrew and smothered the legitimate plants. The city was faced with two options, remove all the soil and start again (more costly) or sod it all (less costly). :)

And apparently the city will do the mowing.
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Loving Assassin's Creed: Revelations. The historical setting of Ottoman Istanbul (sometimes Constantinople) is amazing. The concept is developing assassin's dens and recruiting assassins, plus sending assassins out to other Mediterranean cities on missions is a lot of fun. Such a large world to play in and so many things to do. You can use the assassin's signal to call in your recruits to assist you (i.e. do your dirty work for you), which is useful in some fights. That gets them experience points so you can upgrade them.

Voted. Somewhat disappointed in the results. Happy that Gregor beat that horrible Anton.

Hung out with friends on Saturday night. Fun!

Crossed the border on Sunday morning. Blaine is definitely suffering in the current economy. We went to Big Al's Diner for breakfast and the place had a strong sense of gloom to it as did the mall in Bellingham.

On the way back from the border we stopped in and bought a case of cranberry wine from http://www.blueheronwinery.ca/. A little sweet, a little tart, totally delicious. I think we will likely buy a case of Marques de Rojas (http://www.bcliquorstores.com/product/317008) as well, our favourite "$10 wine that tastes like a $20 wine".
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Celebrated my birthday yesterday, dinner with the ladies.

Next weekend is going to be busy. Persy and I are going to a party on Saturday and on Sunday we are going to a potluck event featuring the peace pipe of Sitting Bull, which is doing a tour of North America.

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Went to a murder mystery night at a winery in New West with some friends and the friends friends. The night was a lot of fun, dinner was well catered, the people were fun, the wine was great, but sadly the murder mystery was a bit of a flop. The actors needed to be much louder, since many of the people were drunkish and the mystery wasn't so mysterious. Persephone_qd figured it out quite early and we ended up winning a wine tasting for 10 because of it.

I took advantage of the nice weather on Sunday and took care of the lawn: aerating, seeding and fertilizing.

We also visited some local townhouses that are under construction. There were some very nice designs that would save us a good amount of money on mortgage, but we aren't moving any time soon. It was fun to look.

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Went to the Barbeque on the Bypas, a BBQ event in Langley. It wasn't so much on the Bypass as beside the Bypass. Free entry, free samples, plus some larger portions for sale. Had an awesome chili and look forward to my lunch of smoked beef and smoked pork sandwich. They need a larger venue than the parking lot at BunsMaster.

Experiencing some frustration at Deus Ex. The first boss fight is a pain in the butt. Despite promises that everything could be done via combat, hacking, stealth or negotiation, this boss fight is combat only.

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Persephone_qd and I celebrated our 11th anniversary on Saturday, although the 'day of' is on Wednesday. We went for dinner at Lava in Maple Ridge, which had a surprisingly awesome menu. We also discovered a fruit winery along the way at a cranberry farm. We had to visit on the Sunday to test and buy. Nummm.
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Saturday: went to visit Greenwitch, lounge in her back yard and commune with the chickens.

Monday: Persey and I went to a winery in New West with some friends. The winery, Pacific Breeze (http://www.pacificbreezewinery.com/), brings in grapes from Cali, Oregon, Wash and the Okanogan and makes the wine in their garage. The owner showed us around the winery, talked about the equipment and the alchemy of wines. We sampled their wares, of course, and joined the wine club, which gets us first shot at the new wines.

Also, they are doing a murder mystery night in the winery in October, which sounds like fun. I picked up this device that aerates the wine as you pour it. It was amazing how much the wine flavour improved.

Loving Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Your character can develop skills in combat, stealth, negotiation and hacking computers, all of which greatly change how you play the game.

TwitchWitchy has started playing Red Dead Redemption from scratch.
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I dunno about Facebook. It feels like a very "exposed" location. Because you appear as yourself rather than under a pseudo I have had friend requests from co-workers. I don't particularly care about what my co-workers are doing every second of the day so I have not accepted, but I am dreading the "why haven't you approved me" conversation. My life is more private than that and the only reason I ever joined was to see what a friend that recently moved to Ottawa was up to. Same goes for Twitter.

I have typically used LJ more as a place to record my thoughts on myself and what I am doing; interesting stuff *to me* rather than to any "audience" that might be out there (no offense, I love you all!). I don't think that most people care about what I am doing either as I lead a pretty boring and regular life, with one or two exceptions, which I generally don't speak to much publically.

Mostly, I haven't found that Facebook and Twitter are better in any way than LJ. But I suppose that the e-coupons and such might have some value, not that I have found any that are useful to me. :)
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I reinstalled Windows 7 on my laptop last night. Twice actually, since I wasn't patient enough the first time.

Last week I had noticed it getting slower and decided to start fresh, especially since it want it optimized to play Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which is system intensive. I searched all over the house for the install disks that I had specially ordered from HP, but couldn't find 'em anywhere. I did an install from another set of disks I found, but that was for a 32-bit system and seemed extremely buggy on my 64-bit laptop.

Eventually I broke down and ordered replacement disks from HP, which started out saying they would arrive next week, but actually arrive last night. And two sets showed up in two seperate packages. The same thing happened a while ago when I ordered a battery for the laptop from a third party provider. So now my backup has a backup.

Looking forward to the long weekend.

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